Monday, April 17, 2006

Better Sleep Month 2006

May is Better Sleep Month--a time to recognize that sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and just like eating right and exercising, sleeping well is essential to feeling your best during the day. Sleep affects how you feel, your relationships, your productivity, and your quality of life. While you sleep, your brain goes to work, consolidating the day's learning into memory and reenergizing the body.

To address the importance of a good night's sleep, offers three CDs that should help induce a quality sleep in both young and old. The first CD, Sleepy Baby, is a restful collection of music arranged to progressively lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. The second CD, A Meditation to Help You with Healthful Sleep, is a guided imagery CD by Belleruth Naparstek that combines healing imagery, powerful music, and the most current understanding of the mind-body connection to help you sleep. The third CD, Insomnia Cure, a self-hypnosis CD by Dr. Rick Collingwood, contains advanced trance hypnotherapy and positive subliminal messages to help banish sleepless nights.

Wellbaskets also offers an Insomnia Relief gift basket with sleep-inducing foods to help relax the body and mind for a restful sleep.


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