Monday, September 12, 2005

National 5 a Day Month

September is National 5 A Day Month--a time when the Produce for Better Health Foundation and the National 5 A Day Partnership encourage the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. This year, is joining the effort with the introduction of the 5 A Day the Color Way Healthy Gift Basket for Children.

The gift basket is an educational, healthy gift for children that teaches them the importance of consuming at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day. It includes kid-friendly healthy treats of dried fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit & vegetable juice, and a 5 a Day the Color Way magnet. The magnet helps children keep track of their daily fruit and vegetable intake using the fun and easy "color way" method. Children can easily identify the colors of fruits and vegetables that they consume, and the color way method helps ensure that they are eating a nutritionally diverse diet for optimum health. The basket includes at least one snack representative of each of the 5 color groups to show children that eating fruits and vegetables is fun and easy.

This basket makes a great alternative to candy-filled and cookie-filled gift baskets and sets children on the path to life-long healthy eating habits.


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