Thursday, July 28, 2005

Well-Bean Sale

Interested in the health benefits of soy, but looking for an alternative to tofu? Soy Coffee may be just the product for you! offers Well-Bean Soy Coffee in several different flavors and roasts and provides 28mgs of soy isoflavones per 6 oz cup! It's a delicious way to reap the cancer-fighting, heart-disease prevention, and immunity-boosting benefits of soy!

Two of the blends offered include:

Well-Bean--a premium blend of soy with organic regular or decaffeinated coffee beans. A nutritious drink with a high content of antioxidants and the benefits of soy. Available in French Roast, French Roast Decaf, and Cappuccino.

Well-Bean Soy--Organic soybeans blended with chicory. Contains no coffee--100% caffeine free!

To try the coffees at a discounted price, enter coupon code "wbeanblg" at checkout for 15% off your Well-Bean Coffee order. The coupon is valid through August 13, 2005.


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