Monday, December 22, 2008

Nip n' Tang Fruited Horseradish for the Holidays

Looking for an intriguing new flavor to add to holiday favorites? Try Nip n' Tang Fruited Horseradish for both bold flavor and healthful benefits.

Nip n' Tang is a unique, all-natural, gluten-free condiment that can be used as a dip, glaze, fondue, spread, mix, and more. Because it is made from horseradish, it also boasts the health-promoting/healing properties associated with the root:

  • Helpful in treating rheumatic and respiratory disorders

  • A good source of vitamin C and B complex, nutritive minerals (potassium, calcium, iron), and natural antibiotics.

  • Horseradish contains glucosinolates which increase resistance to cancer, have powerful antioxidant properties, can be used to reduce thyroid function, and help relieve aching joints.

  • Glucosinolates also act as natural antibiotics against different types of infections by increasing blood flow in the infected area and removing the waste products.

  • Due to its antibiotic properties, horseradish can help cure urinary tract infections and kill bacteria in the throat that cause bronchitis, coughs and related problems.

  • Horseradish can release sinus infections by dissolving the mucus in the nose.

  • Horseradish may also improve diabetes, mild circulatory problems, water retention, and digestion.

Nip n' Tang is available in 5 interesting flavors that'll add "WOW" to your holiday table:

Apricot Nip ‘N Tang® Fruited Horseradish: One of the sweeter flavors, use as a glaze for shrimp and chicken, a marinade for chicken and as a glaze and finishing sauce for salmon.
Blueberry Nip ‘N Tang® Fruited Horseradish: One of more intense flavors, the manufacturer suggests this on breakfast foods, on toast and pancakes; instead of jelly on peanut butter sandwiches; and for something different and sassy, use a dab on vanilla ice cream instead of a traditional dessert sauce.
Cranberry Nip ‘N Tang® Fruited Horseradish: Try this on a turkey sandwich instead of your usual spread or at the table instead of cranberry sauce.
Pineapple Nip ‘N Tang® Fruited Horseradish: Great paired with cheeses.
Pomegranate Plum Nip ‘N Tang® Fruited Horseradish: More plum than pom, this is the most “candied” of flavors, and the one to use on ice cream or sorbet. If you like duck sauce and sweet and sour Chinese dishes, this may be the one for you. Try it with beef, chicken, duck and lamb—and as a dip for fried wontons.

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