Friday, October 07, 2005

Healthy Halloween Gift Basket

Can't be with your favorite child this Halloween? Send healthy Halloween greetings with the Healthy Halloween gift basket from The gift basket is full of kid-friendly healthy snacks and dried fruits and accompanied by an adorable stuffed black cat. It's a great gift from faraway grandparents, relatives, or friends and a wonderful way to say, "Happy Halloween" without adding to the pile of sugary, empty-caloried treats they'll get while out trick-or-treating.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lung Health Day

October 26, 2005 is Lung Health Day--a major public awareness campaign sponsored by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). Its purpose is to promote the importance of lung health and build awareness about diseases and conditions that adversely affect healthy lungs.

One such lung disease, asthma, afflicts approximately 15 million Americans. While there is no cure for asthma, there are many different treatments to help control symptoms. For those interested in guided imagery, Belleruth Naparstek has created a CD entitled Relieve Asthma which uses visualization to promote deeper, calmer breathing.

The imagery also helps the listener become less reactive to the environment, sense airways opening, swollen tissue subsiding, histamine response dissolving, and muscle bands relaxing.

The CD makes a great gift for asthmatics during National Respiratory Care Week (October 23-29, 2005) and sells for $17.98 at

National Mental Illness Awareness Week

The first week of October marks the celebration of Mental Illness Awareness Week.

During this week, millions of Americans will be honoring the challenges encountered by mental illness as well as celebrating the recoveries they or their loved ones have embraced.

This year, is joining the celebration and offering discounted prices on healthy gift baskets and guided imagery tools that offer hope and relief for those suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

The Anxiety Relief gift baskets feature foods that help promote relaxation as well as ease anxiety and panic. The Depression Relief gift baskets feature foods that foster a sense of well-being and help relieve the symptoms of depression.

The guided imagery CDs by Belleruth Naparstek are great tools to help with psychological challenges and provide the listener with coping strategies that can alleviate symptoms. Particular titles of interest include Combat Depression, Relaxation & Wellness, and Relieve Stress.

These baskets and CDs are a great way to show your support to a friend or loved one suffering from depression or anxiety. Any purchases made during Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 2-8, 2005) receive 10% savings with coupon code "nmia10wbb."

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Children's Health Month

Children's Health Month, celebrated each October, focuses on the health and safety of children. It is a time for educating the public and raising awareness on reducing dangers to children, preventing childhood diseases, implementing safety measures, and encouraging healthy habits. is especially concerned with the eating habits of children and offers several different healthy gift baskets to educate children and their caregivers about the importance of a healthy diet. The gift baskets include healthy, kid-friendly treats, as well as tools to help children increase and keep track of their fruit and vegetable intake.

This October, send a healthy gift basket to your favorite child to encourage a lifelong habit of healthy eating.