Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cancer Control Month

April is Cancer Control Month--a time to highlight advances against cancer and rededicate the nation to fighting this disease. It includes prevention, detection, and treatment as well as support to cancer patients and their families and caregivers. is joining this effort by offering their Cancer Fighting Baskets at 10% off during Cancer Control Month. Each basket is full of cancer-fighting foods appropriate for those diagnosed with cancer and for those interested in lowering their risk of developing cancer. The gift baskets help educate the recipient by stressing the importance of a healthful diet in the fight against cancer, and they make great encouraging, empowering gifts for cancer patients. In addition to helping educate the public about the role of diet in cancer prevention and cancer fighting, will be donating a portion of profits from Cancer Fighting baskets sales to the American Cancer Society.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

National Sleep Awareness Week®

The week of March 28–April 3 is National Sleep Awareness Week®--a time when the nation turns its eyes towards the importance of healthy sleep.

Babies, children, and adults all need an adequate amount of sleep for optimum health and proper mental and physical functioning. To address the importance of a good night's sleep, offers two CDs that should help induce a quality sleep in both young and old.

The first CD, Sleepy Baby, is a restful collection of music arranged to progressively lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. The second CD, A Meditation to Help You with Healthful Sleep, is a guided imagery CD by Belleruth Naparstek that combines healing imagery, powerful music, and the most current understanding of the mind-body connection to help you sleep.

Monday, March 21, 2005

American Diabetes Alert

The American Diabetes Alert is an annual, one-day call-to-action held on the fourth Tuesday of March for people to find out if they are at risk for diabetes. The purpose of the alert is to raise the awareness that diabetes is serious and that you can have diabetes and not even know it. is joining this effort by donating to the American Diabetes Association a portion of the profits from every Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Basket purchased on March 22, 2005.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Healthy St. Patrick's Day Gift Baskets

For a unique, healthy St. Patrick's Day gift idea, visit They offer a "Top O' the Morning" gift basket featuring McCann's Original Steel-Cut Irish Oatmeal, dried fruits, tea, and other healthy breakfast items and a "Shamrock Delight" gift basket featuring a delicious selection of healthy items packaged in festive Irish green.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Healthy Easter Baskets

Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar- and fat-laden Easter Baskets? offers a variety of Easter Baskets that are tasty enough for kids and healthy enough for parents to love.

The baskets include such treats as dried fruit, Vruit Vegetable & Fruit Juice, and Fruity Booty. They also feature an adorable plush Easter Bunny.

For the youngest ones, offers Easter baskets with all-natural baby products and adorable bath puppets. There's even a basket to bring to Grandmother on Easter day.

Wellbaskets is offering 10% on all Easter Basket orders placed before March 16, 2005. Enter coupon code WBB1005 at checkout to receive the savings.